Disability Fraud Reporting Explained

Disability Fraud Reporting Explained

Disability Fraud Reporting Explained
In order to report disability fraud, there are two main offices that accept disability fraud reporting. These offices include social security offices and state labor offices. The social security offices strongly enforce contacting their offices if a disability scheme has been perpetrated.
There are three ways that a report can be filed: a report can be filed online, by dialing a hotline provided by social security offices  (Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-0271), or in the office itself. If filing a claim with social security, it is most likely that a fraud investigation will be conducted by the office of the social security general inspector.
It is recommended for the person filing the claim to ensure that the information reported is accurate and documented. It should also be noted that not every disability is obvious, and the victim could be suffering from an invisible disability (a type of disability that may not be able to be seen). In some cases, a person can still function in everyday activities while being considered disabled. One of the most common mistakes committed with disability fraud detection are witnesses making false assumptions.
It is also important to understand what activities are considered to be acts of fraud in order to report disability fraud. For example, if the party in question is: lying about their work status in order to receive disability benefits, pretending to be ill in order to receive benefits, or they are no longer ill but are still accepting benefits, then these are definite forms of activity that should be released when disability fraud reporting.
It is also important to disclose as much vital information as possible including: the name and contact information of the person committing the fraudulent act, any names of victims that have suffered due to these criminal acts, the perpetrator's place of employment, when and where the fraud took place, if the person in question has other violations or a criminal history, and why they committed the act of fraud.
It is also important not to make assumptions, and to report the facts that you know are true. If you are still unsure of where to report disability fraud, contact local law enforcement.




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