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Definition of Legal Custodian Negligence

Definition of Legal Custodian Negligence

Legal custodian negligence can be used in a variety of ways to commit disability fraud. For example, one way this crime can be perpetrated is when a once married couple with a child or children is currently either divorced or separated. Then one of both parents claim to have custody of the child (children) when in fact they do not. They do this in order to get a break on their taxes by claiming they are the legal custodian when in fact another party is actually the legal custodian.
If one parent is actually the legal custodian and the other is not the legal custodian, the one without legal custodial rights could be financially harming the one with actual custodial rights by claiming the child on tax and social security records. This will end up taking away the legal custodian's entitled SSI (social security income).
Most documents should be able to prove the case of fraud and a violation of disability rights in this circumstance. Fraud investigators may conduct searches with documented custody papers filed by courts. They may also recover social security tax paperwork filled out by both parties.
This can also be the case if an individual claims to have custodial rights to an elderly family member or an ill family member when they actually do, but then they take advantage of their SSI or they are not actually the legal custodian but claim to be to get more back in SSI or to pay less in taxes. This is another case of a criminal using disability rights to their advantage.
Disabilities rights are meant to serve the disabled as a means to improve their quality of life. When a criminal takes advantage of disability rights, especially in regards to dependents such as children or the elderly, the courts tend to take a more serious look at harsher disability fraud penalties 



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