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Welfare Fraud

Welfare Fraud

False reporting or does not disclose information so that they may appear eligible for welfare benefits. As an extra incentive to stop welfare fraud, certain territories have even given out awards to those who wish to report a legitimate case.
The “United Council on Welfare Fraud” was created by law enforcement officials and federal government officials to prevent and enforce laws regarding welfare fraud. The United Council on Welfare Fraud is made of investigators, administrators,  eligibility workers, and claims writers from local, state, and federal agencies. The United Council on Welfare Fraud also promotes awareness of welfare benefits fraud, investigates welfare benefits fraud, prosecutes those who commit welfare fraud, and trains people on how to investigate welfare fraud.
An example of a case regarding welfare fraud would be that of Barbara Williams. She had collected approximately $239,000.00 in welfare checks and $50,000.00 worth of food stamps. Barbara Williams was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison. Another case involved a woman named Dorothy Woods who cheated the welfare system out of nearly $300,000.00.