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Government Benefit Fraud At A Glance

Government Benefit Fraud At A Glance

Benefits fraud can be perpetrated in a variety of ways that involves false information as a means<spanbenefits fraud"="" is="" a="" term="" referring="" to="" obtaining="" illegal="" residency="" in="" the="" united="" states.="" it="" committed="" when="" information="" on="" immigration="" forms="" falsified="" or="" omitted="" fraudulent="" effort="" collect="" government="" benefits.Immigration benefits may include a visa, American citizenship, or political asylum. Because illegal aliens, terrorists, and other criminals are willing to pay a large sum of money to obtain these benefits, criminal organizations were established to illegally allow these individuals to pay a hefty fee in order to obtain these benefits thus committing benefit fraud. Document and Benefits Tasks Force are located within several states within the United States in an effort to try and catch those they submit false information in an attempt to commit benefit fraud. Other law enforcement groups that have teamed up with the Document and Benefits Task Force in the effort to stop benefits fraud. These groups include the: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Attorney's Office, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Other associated groups that assist in stopping benefit fraud include: the Department of Justice, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Postal Inspection Service, Department of Labor Office of the Inspector General, Social Security office of the Inspector General, US Secret Service, and many more.

Benefits fraud is not only an issue in the United States but it is a world wide problem as well. However, the definition of benefits fraud may vary according to territory. For example, in the U.K. benefits fraud is defined as: when a citizen will claim false information in effort to collect state benefits which they are actually not entitled to. The Department for Work and Pensions tried to raise public awareness in 2002 by launching a campaign against those who commit benefit fraud with the slogan, "And they thought they'd never get caught." as a sarcastic remark demonstrating how easy it is to be recovered by authorities for such a crime. If someone is found guilty, the Department for Work and Pensions will work hard to recover lost funds along with additional fines, court prosecution, and other various penalties. Benefits fraud is also committed when traveling into areas abroad.This happens when a British native travels abroad while still collecting benefits which is technically not allowed by law. Penalties