Fact About Counterfeit Item

Fact About Counterfeit Item

Fact About Counterfeit Item
A counterfeit item is any good, service, or material that is presented with intent of passing off as an authentic article. Counterfeiting money is the most egregious form of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting also applies to fake software, handbags, clothing, pharmaceuticals with the intent of making as much profit as possible selling a product of a lesser product passing off as a genuine product.
Counterfeiters abuse the trust between producers and consumers in an economy. Counterfeiters sell their merchandise without the right to use copyrighted names or paying business and sales taxes. Counterfeiters traffic their merchandise devoid of any service to the public welfare. They only serve their own interests.
Consumers are falsely led to believe that the product they are purchasing at a discount is the genuine medication but the chemical substances used in counterfeit drugs may not be safely manufactured. People have become severely ill or have died from the consumption of counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs.  Counterfeit over-the-counter medications may be equally as dangerous. 
The most popular industry in which counterfeiting occurs is clothing and textile. Manufacturing exact copies of items in the clothing industry is easier than in any other. Counterfeit sales began in villages and communities across the world. Their purpose was to help make a profit in parts of the world where sales of designer clothing were to high.
Poor to average citizens could have the same clothes that the rich and famous did. Counterfeit clothing is produced in mass quantities before it is shipped to different locations across the world. The systems in which counterfeit clothing is transported are sophisticated and thought out. Often times labels and logos are placed on to the clothing after it has been shipped to its destination. This way the clothing can be shipped legally, and then sold illegally in the underground market. 
The background of designer counterfeiting includes local distribution covering the majority of the profits. However, due to technological advances, counterfeiting now includes international profits as well. Many manufacturers are allowed to sell their clothing online which makes it easier for larger populations to have access to counterfeit merchandise.
The growth in counterfeit clothing also has a lot to do with the economy at a given time. In times of need, it is more appealing to a consumer to purchase an item that looks identical to a luxury brand in order to save money. 
Since technology began contributing to the increase of this crime, stores, designers and security businesses have implemented new anti counterfeit technologies that are aimed at catching these fraudulent items. Some suggested technology uses lasers to bounce of the light of a designer label, in order to tell the difference between fakes and the real thing. In addition, many designers have began threading specific patterns into garments that are used to detect authenticity.  

The popularity of counterfeit clothing is occurring for many reasons. Manufacturers play off ignorant citizens that can not tell the difference between fake and authentic clothing. Other manufacturers bank of the fact that regardless if the items are real or not does not matter. As long as consumers feel like the bag looks like the designer label they will purchase a fake.
Designer labels are often easy to imitate exactly. Designer clothing is usually manufactured in countries that do not enforce strict manufacturing laws. Additionally, replica clothing is often created in the same location as the designer brands. Knock off clothing makes people feel like they are wealthy or privileged. Even when this is not the case, it creates that perception for others.
The prevalence of counterfeit designer clothing has a lot to due with rich people themselves. Many people are under the impression that poor people are the ones purchasing counterfeit designer clothing, which is untrue. Wealthy people are purchasing counterfeit designer clothing as well. Wealthy people may not see the need to purchase authentic designer clothing when the knock offs look the same or better. 
Developing countries are usually the spots that manufacture counterfeit designer clothing. Countries like China, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Philippines, and the like are all full locations in which counterfeiting occurs. These countries ship to countries like the United States, UK, and Europe. Famous streets like Canal street are toured daily in hopes of finding imitations of designer merchandise. Specifically, imitation purses are targeted in this area. The counterfeiting of designer labels costs designers, tax payers, and the economy billions each year.
Most people do not correlate the relevance of counterfeit items on the economy as a whole. Money that could be made if counterfeit merchandise did not exist would help lower the United States' national deficit. In addition, more than one hundred thousand jobs are lost due to counterfeiting.The origins and reported losses directly related to counterfeit clothing correlate with one another. Many of the manufacturers in developing countries have relationships with citizens or non citizens that sell the merchandise in other countries. 
Many different designer brands are imitated every day. The most popular of these brands is the Chanel designer brand. This may have to do with the popularity of this brand on the legal market. Manufactures replicate Chanel purses, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The brand is counterfeited the most out of any designer brand out currently, due to the varying product types they have available. The designer watch brand that is replicated most is the Rolex. This brand is made in so many different ways. Some manufacturers use the same label as the authentic watch, and others create names using varying letters.
Jewelry is imitated very easily as well. The designer brand Tiffany and Co is  replicated the most in this category. Counterfeits are hard to recognize since most manufacturers use silver in replace of the platinum and white gold. Counterfeited brands are often combated by designers themselves. Many times the president of a brand will close down a location or fire certain individuals who leak their products to the underground market. Designers lose the chance to make a larger profit each year due to counterfeit productions. 




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