Bankruptcy Fraud Attorneys Overview

Bankruptcy Fraud Attorneys Overview

Bankruptcy Fraud Attorneys Overview
A bankruptcy attorney fulfills an important role in the overall scheme of bankruptcy fraud cases, not least he or she might end up defending the party responsible for the bankruptcy fraud. Most involvement of bankruptcy attorneys in fraudulent bankruptcy cases, however, is likely tangential at worst, with very little directly connecting the bankruptcy attorney to the fraud itself.
Most who are filing for bankruptcy will first bring in a bankruptcy attorney, simply in order to gain the aid of legal counsel during bankruptcy proceedings, which are not terribly easy to navigate without help. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to help a bankruptcy claimant to determine which chapter of bankruptcy to file under, exactly what needs to be done to successfully and legally file under that chapter, and so on.
It is entirely likely, then, that perpetrators of bankruptcy fraud would first attempt to bring a bankruptcy attorney on board with their case, simply to both ensure that they are going through the bankruptcy proceedings correctly, and to ensure that their bankruptcy filing seems legitimized by the presence of a bankruptcy attorney.
A bankruptcy fraud attorney might be called in, however, for a somewhat different reason, at a later point in the case. It is perfectly true that a bankruptcy fraud attorney might be hired in order to help defend the accused fraudsters, but such is the normal case of the law, obviously. Often, however, bankruptcy fraud attorneys can actually protect and serve the innocents of bankruptcy fraud cases.
Sometimes, people will incorrectly fill out bankruptcy applications; they will fail to report certain assets, not out of an attempt to deceive, but out of simple negligence, or they will make other errors which cast the entire bankruptcy case into a suspicious light. As a result, these people might be accused of bankruptcy fraud, when they never actually intended to perpetrate any such crime.
In that case, a bankruptcy fraud attorney is critical to help the innocent individual escape any undue harm from the unwarranted bankruptcy fraud charges. A bankruptcy fraud attorney would be able to defend innocent people from falling prey to bankruptcy fraud investigations, in other words.
There are, however, cases in which a bankruptcy fraud attorney would assist an attempt to perpetrate bankruptcy fraud. For much the same set of reasons that a bankruptcy fraud attorney is useful for helping a bankruptcy applicant to get through the process, a bankruptcy fraud attorney is also useful for defrauding the bankruptcy system.
A bankruptcy fraud attorney will know the rules and statutes significant to bankruptcy policy, and will be able to circumvent them with a much greater facility than someone unfamiliar with those statutes. Furthermore, a great deal of bankruptcy fraud is actually oriented around attempts to ensure that a given set of actions is legal, according to bankruptcy law, regardless of any clearly fraudulent result.
As long as every step of the process is technically legal, then they would seem to be able to mount a strong defense. A bankruptcy fraud attorney would be able to assist a great deal in ensuring that the entire process, for all that it was an attempt to commit bankruptcy fraud, would fit the law as best it could.




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