Marriage Fraud

Marriage Fraud At A Glance

In an effort to reduce the amount of marriage fraud committed, the United States government stepped in to create acts and laws to help enforce codes against marriage fraud. One
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Marriage Fraud History At A Glance

The history of fraud can go back as far as the seventeenth century with the start of bigamy. England started the trend of enforces laws against it by creating a
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Quick Overview of Marriage Fraud Reasons

Marriage fraud may be executed for a variety of reasons. Statistics The criminality
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What Are The Marriage Fraud Statistics

Due to the fact that marriage fraud is not always easy to detect or always reported, makes it difficult to obtain an exact number or percentage on just how many
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What You Should Know About Marriage Fraud Criminality

A violation in penal laws regarding bigamy or polygamy can result in up to five years in prison (or in some states it can be up to ten years in
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